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About Baumeister - A Family Run Company

Our story - so you know a bit about the folks behind the products!

Hello Friends!

I'm JD Dennison and Karen is my lovely wife of 40 years.    I completed an Air Force career in 1995 after spending 11 years overseas.  Karen is a RN, and loves being involved in people's lives.

For the next phase of our lives, we determined to continue in service to others, only we wanted to settle down in one location. Now as we retire in 2016 we will explore the USA in a RV. Still, we will maintain HopeForCancer.com as an information source for those searching for health.

    JD & Karen 2010

We decided to start a family business, Baumeister LLC.  The name is a result of our time in Germany. We were incorporated in 1996, began our early on-line endeavors shortly afterwards. In 2001 we opened our first retail website and maintain an A+ BBB rating.

Today we are still a family owned and operated company focused on improving health of our clients and those around us. 

One more point.  We've been here answering the same phone number for over 18 years.  And we will be available for Email advice for many more healthy years.


We know you will love this product. May your body be blessed with health!


JD, Karen, and the folks at Baumeister LLC


Our Mission Statement

Baumeister LLC provides clients with a full range of health information, products, and services to restore health, develop healthy lifestyles and promote longevity. By providing knowledgeable advice, personal service and proven, quality products; Baumeister LLC develops lifelong and multi-generational relationships with their client family.

All corporate members and employees walk with integrity, exude ‘life and love’ in all communications, and work towards the clients good.

BAUMEISTER (Ger.) means Master Builder or Master Architect.
We translate it to "Building YOUR Healthy Life!"

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    Privacy Policy for this website & Baumeister LLC. Details here. We treat your privacy with the same respect we seek for our privacy. This is a family-run business.


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